Loosing Perspective

I’m becoming neurotic. One of my favorite blogs hasn’t been updated since Saturday and I’m wondering what the heck is going on – the person didn’t mention they were going to be away (or maybe they did and I just don’t remember). Checking every hour today looking for an update is just driving me crazy. Gosh, this is just awful! I need to start reading more books again. Prior to blogging, I use to read a lot more. In fact, I’d finish anywhere from 3-5 books a month. Here it is mid February and I’ve only finished one book so far — and that’s only because it was required reading for book club. Books and movies were my daily escape from my own reality. While I still go to the movies, I’ve substituted reading other peoples weblogs for books. Not a good idea. At least with books I know I’ll eventually get to the end. With weblogs I keep coming back day after day wanting to finding out how things are progressing getting somewhat frustrated because I can’t control the pace at which the story is told. Gosh, I wonder if anyone out there is feeling the same way. More importantly, does anyone feel that way about my blog? I think I need to step back. I should never become so vested in the lives of people I’ve never met face to face. For all I know, they’re not even real….

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    That’s the beauty of it — it doesn’t matter.

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