Bread Making

This weekend, I’m going to try and make bread from scratch. It probably seems a little silly to do since you can buy bread so cheaply at the bakery/grocery store. But with all the new kitchenware stuff I bought, trying to put it to good use. Plus I remember watching my mom mold and knead dough as a child. So I’m going to try and see if I can replicate. I just love the smell of fresh baked bread.

  1. Homemade bread is wicked easy, but does take a little bit of practice. I use the recipe from The Return of the Naked Chef. Yum. This forum has a lot of good tips and bread experiments:

  2. Thanks for the link! I’m also going to have to pick up a copy of Naked Chef book. I’ve watched him on the food channel and thought he was a good chef.

  3. Jamie Oliver is so much fun – and his method of cooking really makes it accessible to everyone, including the adventurous beginner. 🙂 I have all three of his cookbooks and I LOVE them.

  4. this website is a bag of fucking shite

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