Afro or No Afro

This morning, after semi-annual visit to dentist for cleaning, my younger sister and I went and got our hair done. My younger sister was pleased. She has been bugging me for months to do a girls day at the salon but I’ve resisted. But now, I need to. You see I took out my braids over the long MLK weekend and didn’t get them put back in. After spending 16+ hours to take out (I did it by myself), I just wasn’t willing to spend another 8+ hours to get them redone. So I got my hair cut and I’m wearing it out which is somewhat problematic since I don’t have a perm. Thinking of wearing an afro, but that might be a bit too drastic for my corporate job. We’ll see. If I don’t put the braids back in, come summer I’m going natural. And this my friend, is another incentive to loose weight.
P.S. I’ll post an updated picture soon!

  1. I don’t see how an Afro would be inappropriate in a corporate setting — or any setting, for that matter.

  2. It might just be me. While I want to do it, I’m not ready for it. As I kid, I remember begging my mom to get a perm as I was sick of having to get my hair straightened every weekend. Now I’m regressing. I’m sick of the perm. But going natural and keeping current length requires a lot more work than I care to invest.

  3. I have always loved the soft and delicate look of an afro. I’ve wanted to go back to that look for years but was too shy. Last week I got up the courage to do what I wanted to dofor years and went for it.
    I LOVE it! My husband tells me I look sexy (giggle!) and “ultra-feminine” (his words, so you know I’m not being a snob).
    I plan on keeping it like this for a long time. It’s 4 inches thick or so my stylist says, and it’s sooo easy to maintain! If you’ve never tried this style, you’re missing out on something special. Get an afro!

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