Sex and the City No More

So after next year, Sex and the City will be no more. Good! While I thought the show was interesting at times, I just couldn’t relate. Are there women out there who really live like this? I know I don’t and I’m a single gal in my 30s. Perhaps I’m just too much of a prude.
Annotation: Oops! How could I have forgotten that my Best Guy Friend’s cousin is the executive producer of Sex and the City? Shame on me. So I guess I want the show to go on forever!!!!

  1. Hey…that’s my cousin Cindy you are talking about there…we need some famous Chupacks in the world.

  2. Sorry! I would never want to dim the lights on your cousin’s name. But Sex and the City sets a high bar for a single gal like me to live up to. I know boring doesn’t sell, but I’d like to see a more realistic depictive of a single gal’s life. Sex and the City is not it!!

  3. Miranda is my parents’ longtime friend’s cousin’s common-law wife. How’s that for circuitous?

  4. I enjoyed the few episodes I’ve seen (despite some news commentator’s quip that the show is about “harpies with herpes”), so I’ll miss it.
    Who can’t help but like Samantha?

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