Project Springboard is Surgery

I have a headache and I’m feeling depressed. It all started this morning when we had our weekly sales meeting. Finally, information about Project Springboard was shared with the team. Goal is to improve effectiveness of the sales machine. The managing director indicated that this project was surgery and if it didn’t work, the next step would be amputation (ouch!!). Not really surprised by the message just disappointed with the tone and delivery. It was really negative. At one point, there was a screaming match between one of the salespeople and a practice director. It got really uncomfortable in the room. No question about it, the behavior of “some” on the sales team needs to change, but it’s not going to happen by fear and intimidation. Despite this negativity, I’m actually optimistic about my job. I know what’s expected of me. It’s all a numbers game. More importantly, I know I can deliver. But after what happened today, I need a drink. Heck, maybe a couple…

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  1. It always amazes me how badly people in sales are treated by their managers — in any other department the behavior would be immediately perceived as actionable. And I’m always tired of hearing the lame-o sports analogies.
    But isn’t it funny how such jock metaphors always seem to involve getting rid of the quarterback or finding a new shortstop?
    Nobody ever seems to suggest the coach is the problem.

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