Cool Blog Tools

Today I signed up for GeoURL. Despite being a little leary about potential cyber stalkers, it seems like a pretty cool concept. According to the site, “GeoURL is a location-to-URL reverse directory. This will allow you to find URLs by their proximity to a given location. Find your neighbor’s blog, perhaps, or the web page of the restaurants near you.”
Another blog tool I really like is: Technorati. It’s a great way to figure out who has linked to whom in blogland. So wondering, how come only my friend Leigh has linked to me? Doesn’t anyone else love me? Hmmm! I suppose I just need to give it more time. I’ve only been doing this for a month.

  1. I signed up for GeoURL. Interesting idea. I decided that any “stalker” issues were overblown — since anybody can figure out most blog owners’ addresses by doing a whois search on their domain.

  2. Good point.

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