Delivery Service

When I purchased the All-Clad LTD cookware set from as a Chistmas gift to self, they gave me a $100 gift certificate to purchase additional kitchenware stuff. Finally used it today, to purchase a few blue colored Le Creuset cookware pieces. Amazon gives me an estimated delivery date of February 27 – March 20. Damn! That’s more than a month away.

  1. Considering the ability of our federales to traipse through public library records for what we’ve been reading, I wonder whther Amazon lists are being spied on, as well? Yesterday, I downloaded a list of everything (mostly books) I’ve bought from Amazon for the past few years. For just about anybody, things of this nature could wildly misinterpreted.

  2. Oh I’m sure they are. Big Brother is definitely watching, reading, and waiting…

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