Show Me the Ticket….

It looks like only one ticket had the matching numbers for the $315 million Powerball lottery. Here’s wishing the winner the best of luck in managing the money. I think it’s kind of sad that most lottery winners are broke 10 years after hitting the jackpot.
Personally, I’m against the lottery system. While it does do some good by providing funds for school, I think it preys on poor people and provides false hope.

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  1. I’m not convinced that gambling does ANYBODY any good. But that’s what people want. I think casino gambling should be legal. Put it in Rosemont, on Navy Pier — wherever.
    Have you ever participated in one of those office lottery pools? You know, the ones in which everybody is supposed to put in a dollar each week, but sometimes people forget and a friend puts in the dollar, but someone who isn;t a friend forgets and nobody puts in the dollar, and then when the person goes to buy the ticket, there’s secret subgroup of four or five who go in on another ticker…
    Cripes, if we had every won a big prize at that office the whole bunch of us would have been in court faster than you could say “Show me the money.”

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