Google Search

Just ran a Google search on my first and last name separately. I’m on page 5 for Barzey. For Ursula, I don’t even rank on the first 20 pages. That totally sucks. Of course, if you Google my full name in one search, I’m at the top of the list. So goal for 2003 is to be at the top or near top of list for Google searches for Ursula.
In case your wondering, Ursula K. Le Guin one of my favorite science fiction authors is at the top. She will be extremely difficult to dethrone. But it’s not impossible.

  1. Because, I built it…so now I want them to come and view it!!

  2. If any of you post on newsgroups and want a frightening glimpse of what potential employers and others could find out about you GOING BACK YEARS, go to Google and search for your name or e-mail address in “Groups.”

  3. Did just that, nothing came up for me. Not really surprised, since I never really posted to newsgroups.
    Anyway, potential employers can get much more frightening information on you — and its all considered public records.
    But know what you mean. Once you post on the internet, it will live on for many many years to come. Scary!

  4. I just Google’d Ursula and you’re right near the top on page one. Good job!

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