April 14, 2016 in Dating

10 Reasons I Don’t Want To Be Your Mistress

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So yet another long period of not writing on the blog.  I’d ask for forgiveness, but is anyone still here reading?  Of course, I suppose whether or not someone is reading was never really the point of this blog.  I started over 14 years ago with a desire to document my life and really not be so secretive about everything.  However as blogging became more popular, that wasn’t so easy.

That being said, I am still here.  And oh yeah, still single.   Everyone including myself continues to be surprised but perhaps I really shouldn’t be.  Now that I am self-employed and work from home primarily, I don’t really meet a lot of people never mind potential suitors.  

I do though continue to get indecent proposals.  Case in point from the UpstartPolitican who every few months likes to get in touch to test the waters; as if time will make me change my mind about becoming his mistress.   So perhaps its time I sent him my list of 10 reasons why I don’t want to entertain any further offers to get involved with him on a personal level and have an illicit affair.   Below is that list:

1. Despite the fact that you are in an unhappy marriage, you have no intentions of divorcing of her, and that just doesn’t work for me as there never will be a happy ending. In fact, just a sad one.

2. You don’t hold me or any other women in high regard. If you did, you would respect my desire to be in a relationship with someone who is physically and emotionally available. Also just committed to ME.

3. You also propositioned one my friends after making advances to me. Someone I told you I spoke with quite friendly. Who does that? Just vile and clearly shows that just as you don’t respect your marriage, you don’t respect friendships or have any boundaries.

3. You already have a mistress. Perhaps a few. I want no part of that.

4. Your non-offer is insulting. Seriously, just sex? Even a side hoe is taken care of financially.

5. You are reckless and not discreet. I thought as much when you made your comment at the Houses of Parliament in front of the other women about wanting to make love to me. And I can see it now, you bragging about bedding me. So, no, no, no. I won’t become one of your conquests.

6. I do not wish to expose myself to the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. I’m not saying you have any, but considering how loose you are, I would never feel safe being intimate with you.

7. My feelings and viewpoint about man sharing have not changed. I want no part and would rather just be single and not settle.

8. I value my reputation too much — especially what my Nenen thinks and will not get involved in a situation that will bring shame to myself and her. Sorry, but you are just not worthy.

9. I am no longer flattered. In fact, what I feel for you is inner rage and anger because you seem to think that I should be thankful for your breadcrumb offer. So disgraceful and in your words ‘predatory.’

10. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY! Simple as that.

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