BARZEY.COM is the Internet home for Ursula Petula Barzey a digital marketing professional currently living in London, England.

I originally created this site in 2002 while living in Chicago, Illinois (USA) to document my personal history.  The original title: Ursula’s Not So Secret History, was inspired by one of my favourite travel writers, Paul Theroux, who wrote a book titled: My Secret History.

A celebrated author who has written other popular books such as The Mosquito Coast (this was made into a movie starring Harrison Ford), most suspect that My Secret History is an autobiography disguised as fiction. Paul actually admitted as much when I met him in London (circa 2011) during a book tour. And while my history isn’t as erotic or exotic as that told in My Secret History, it does make for interesting reading. Well, at least, I think so. That all being said, as things have evolved, the site is now just titled BARZEY.COM.

For insight into my professional background, well you can review my LinkedIn profile. Also, check out Moxee Marketing, my freelance consultancy providing digital and content marketing services and Caribbean & Co., a digital platform and blog I launched which provides insight on Caribbean history, culture, food and travel.

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