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Las Vegas: Day Two

I woke up feeling refreshed and so getting through the morning meeting wasn’t so bad. One of the things we learnt at meeting is that all employees would be getting an additional week of vacation. Yippee! I now have three weeks of vacation. Around 12noon the meeting ended and so we were on our own. A group of us decided to go shopping at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets mall. After that, we headed back to the main strip, and I headed over to Harrah’s Casino to see if I could cash a $100 coupon they had sent me. Sure […]

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las Vegas: Day One

Thursday started out with me almost missing my shuttle to the airport. I went to bed about 1am and needed to be up by at least 4am as the shuttle was picking me up at 4:30am. Silly me didn’t use an alarm clock. But around 4:25am I jumped up and yelled a couple expletive words. Luckily the shuttle was a little late and I managed to pull everything together in 10 minutes. Once at the airport, things went smoothly. The United, really Ted flight was on time and we arrived in Las Vegas to hot, hot weather! In that I […]

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Vegas Baby Vegas

I’m off to Las Vegas for a few days! It’s a company sponsored trip but I’m hoping to have a bit of fun while I’m there.

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Stressed, again!

SCREAMING OUT LOUD! Does anyone hear me? Yes, it’s job stress and no I can’t talk about it….

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I Won! I Won!

Management had a sales contest to see who on the team (of roughly 10 people) would achieve the highest number for a certain metric during the last 6 weeks, and I won! Yeah! Prize is two tickets to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Now I have to decide who to take and more importantly where to go. Any suggestions?

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