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I Feel Happy!

Just got home from company end of month happy hour. I’m so tempted to share what I’m thinking and feeling about my current personal state of affairs, but I know I’ll regret it in the morning. So I’ll restrain myself. What I will say is that I think London is an amazing city. I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. I love being here.

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The Office

Now that I’ve ended my moratorium regarding discussing work matters on this blog, just let me say how much I detest open-plan work space. I know it allows organizations to pack more people into the space and it is also suppose to foster better communication between team members, but it’s also distracting as hell. Plus, one has no privacy. Now granted I don’t expect the sort of privacy I get when I enter my own home, but for someone like myself who is extremely territorial (I’m a leo), I find myself getting upset when people invade or hover around the […]

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A Bitter Man

I make it a rule never to talk about my job here for fear that anything I say might cause me to get dooced, but I had such a shocking conversation with a prospect this morning, that I’m almost at a loss for words. Situation is that I’ve been chasing the managing director of this private equity firm that we wanted to make an introduction to for months. Finally get him on the phone today and he’s being extremely difficult. Nothing unusual there. He fires one question after another to which I promptly respond — all the while keeping my […]

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Get a Life or Get a Coach

I know quite a few people like myself in their mid-thirties who are currently using or contemplating using a life coach. Apparently, the 20somethings are following suit. Not surprised really. If you are not happy with your life, I think its best to work on making the necessary changes sooner rather than later. Personally, I’ve found working with my life coach — Sheila Panchal — to be a source of inspiration. Now granted she hasn’t told me anything I couldn’t have read in a book, but its been good to have someone who is completely objective to help me outline […]

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Tempted, But Not Going To Do It

There are things I wish to speak of, but I hold my tongue, for fear of being dooced. I work for a division of a publicly traded company so I need to be careful about what I share. Not that there is anything necessarily bad to share. It’s just that in talking about my own personal struggles with work, I have to reveal certain things that are best not said on an open blog. So yet again, I am regretting for my blog name. Of course, it’s now been with me for 2 plus years so I wouldn’t think of […]

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