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Impossible is Nothing

Here is a perfect example of how not to get hired by your dream employer. It also shows just how easily it is to embarrass oneself on a global scale. As such, while I may watch my share of videos on youtube, I won’t be posting one online anytime soon. Why this ghastly jobseeker is a model corporate candidate Financial Times, Published: October 23 2006 03:00 | Last updated: October 23 2006 03:00 Investment bankers have been having a terrific laugh this month at the expense of a solemn-faced Yale graduate called Aleksey Vayner. A few weeks ago he applied […]

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I’ve Got A Secret

I got promoted at work. It was effective as of Monday, 2nd October but I was actually offered the position early September. The change involves me switching from my business development/sale role to take on a marketing position. The job is more high profile and will be quite the challenge. That said, I’m really excited about this new development in my professional life. It has been a long time coming.

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Discontentment in the trenches

I won’t go into the specific details of what happened at work to cause my potential resignation without having another job lined up — but one of the major contributing factors was the level of whining at work by colleagues. Now I’m not going to pretend like I never participated in any of the bitch fests (everyone does at some point in their tenure with an organization). However, the real difference is that if the reason of the moan has direct impact on my ability to do my job, instead of just whining about something, I try and think of […]

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Blogging has been light these past few weeks as I was seriously contemplating my professional career. Things came to a head last Wednesday when I basically walked out. To make sure that I stuck to my decision, I sent management a lengthy email later that night explaining my decision. Then on Thursday, I received calls from two levels in the management structure asking me to reconsider. So I have a big decision to make this upcoming week. Regardless of what happens, I’ve made the decision to pursue getting a graduate degree next year. Not sure yet if I’ll go full […]

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Open Plan Offices = Lower Productivity

One of the things that drive me crazy about my current work environment is the layout of the office. It’s open plan. I know this allows the company to put more people into the space, but it sometimes makes for a really unproductive work environment. Furthermore, thinking the money they save on space will amount to peanuts when you factor in the amount of money lost by lower employee output. Thus, cramming people in like sardines should be such a no-no – particularly for public companies that are always talking about increasing shareholder value. That’s not going to happen if […]

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