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No Turning Back

Last Friday was a big day for me. After a few weeks of relaxation, further research and consultation, I paid the deposit to move my application forward to purchase the franchise I’ve been exploring. On Monday I had an interview with the President and Founder who will put my application forward to the board. Furthermore, I met with a business advisor today to discuss lead generation for my local market. We also talked about insurance, accountancy pacakages and generally the pros and cons of setting up a sole trader vs limited company. In an effort to protect my personal assets […]

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To New Beginnings

Today is the first day of my new life. I no longer work for the firm. Thank goodness! That place was sucking the life out of me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I met a bunch of lovely people. However, I simply did not enjoy working 16+ hour days. So I am glad to have it all behind me even if I am feeling a bit uncertain about the future! Particularly as the news in the market continues to be quite negative. Of course, only time will tell as to whether or not I made the right decision for my […]

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The Blonde Honey

At work today, a colleague invited me to accompany him and a few colleagues to The Temple Church featured in The Da Vinci Code. The purpose of the visit was to listen to the very animated Master of the Temple The Revd Robin Griffith-Jones give a half hour talk on the history of the church which has been around since the 12th century. On the way back to work, I saw a former colleague snogging a woman I knew was definitely not his wife. I was so surprised that this person who I admired and greatly respected was cheating, that […]

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A week ago I walked into my manager’s office and resigned from my job. I caught her completely off guard. She knew I had working long hours but she no idea in regards to the magnitutude of my resentment. How could she really? She herself left early (around 6ish everyday) and I kept everything close to my chess as I knew that I wasn’t interested in ways to work smarter at the firm; I simply wanted out. Why? Well despite the fact that the people for the most part were lovely, I knew that things wouldn’t really change. I would […]

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What Credit Crunch?

The last few months have left me frustrated with work. So I’ve been trying to think of an alternative ways to may a living without having to work 14+ hours in the city. Thus, after some extensive research, I’ve put together a business plan with a view to presenting to the bank for the loan. I’ve been a bit weary as with the economic downturn, I know that the lending criteria have tightened. Thus, I was a bit surprised and most pleased that after about 30 minutes with my bank manager, I walked away with the loan amount requested. She […]

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