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Project Springboard is Surgery

I have a headache and I’m feeling depressed. It all started this morning when we had our weekly sales meeting. Finally, information about Project Springboard was shared with the team. Goal is to improve effectiveness of the sales machine. The managing director indicated that this project was surgery and if it didn’t work, the next step would be amputation (ouch!!). Not really surprised by the message just disappointed with the tone and delivery. It was really negative. At one point, there was a screaming match between one of the salespeople and a practice director. It got really uncomfortable in the […]

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Project Springboard

Today my company launched a new corporate wide initiative called Project Springboard. Reason for this is that we have a fairly aggressive sales goal (40% over last year), so they want to make sure that everyone is doing everything they can to make it happen. Project will last 6 months. I really hope they don’t drive me crazy! I hate being micro managed.

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Some People…..

What is it with people in meetings who have nothing insightful to share but talk just so they can say they participated? Goodness! I have headache. Thank g*d it’s Friday. I just want to scream.

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Fortune magazine came out yesterday with an updated list of top 100 places to work. Illinois has two companies on the list. I have a friend who works at one of these companies and so I emailed her the link to get a reaction. She writes back: “our CEO left an enthusiastic voice mail to all of us yesterday to tell us the great news about what a good company _________ is to work for. I rolled my eyes when I heard that. I thought if things are bad here, how horrible can they be at other companies? I should […]

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Money Isn’t Everything

I had a difficult time getting up for work this morning. I simply was not ready to get back into a regular work routine. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that while I like my job, I’m not really passionate about it. Perhaps the best thing about the job is my ability to control my income. That is the beauty of being in business development/sales. But I’ve come to realize that money isn’t everything. After seven years, the game has gotten stale. So the search for my true calling continues….

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