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Off I Go

Well, I’m leaving now. Choo-Choo is officially in charge.

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It’s less than 3 hours before I head out for 4 days of sales training and I haven’t packed. I haven’t even gotten the suitcase down. Maybe because I’m only going to a Chicago suburb. I’m not even leaving the state. You would think if they take you away from home for 4 days it would be to someplace warm. Don’t they know that’s the rule when it comes to dealing with sales people. I don’t want to go. Maybe I can call my boss and tell him that. Then again, maybe not. This totally sucks!!! It’s not that I […]

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Gotta Go

British WorkerBee: Please may a go to the lou? British Manager: NO. While I am required to provide lavatories, I am not bound to let you go when you need to.

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On Strike

I’m cranky, tired and stressed. So I’ve decided to go on strike. But I haven’t really told anyone here at work. So lets just keep this between friends.

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7:30am Start Required

So the Managing Director is mandating that all members of the business development/sales team get in the office by 7:30am. Doesn’t he realize that I’ll be worthless after 11am? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to keep this up. I’m too much of a night crawler to get up and out in time to be at work for 7:30am each day. Basically this means that I’m going to have to try and fall asleep by 10am. This means giving up watching Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Oprah. It sucks I tell you. It just sucks! Oh how […]

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