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Morale Committee

I haven’t talked much about my job lately, because there really isn’t anything good to say, so I figure why say anything at all. But I just had to share this one – people in Chicago office are so discontent that management has formed a “moral committee” to review the matter. I’m not on the committee but oh to be fly on the wall when they have the first meeting this afternoon. I can’t wait for colleagues to report back. Personally, I think the only way to really cure the morale problem is for us to sell more business and […]

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Day Off

I decided to take today off from work. I really hated to do that but I’m really tired and I feel like I’m coming down with something. This past week I’ve been running myself ragged. Every night there is some activity to go to. Monday Night: Networking Event; Tuesday Night: First night of bowling for Michigan team I organized; Wednesday Night: Michigan Alumni Board Meeting; Thursday Night: Movie Night At Work/Book Club. I’m exhausted from it all. So back to bed I go. See you much later! Choo-Choo and I will be lounging. Update (9:41am): So much for taking a […]

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Home Sweet Home

I’m back! Training wrapped around 3pm and the drive back into the city was tolerable. Having been gone for four days, I am enjoying being back in my apartment. I love the look of things. It’s home. Can’t wait to sleep in my queen size bed. Sleeping on a single for the past 4 nights was like being in college once again. On the apartment front, not too much damaged caused by Choo-Choo and gang! All is well. He (Choo-Choo) is even acting like he missed me. That’s a good feeling since he’s usually standoffish.

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Update on Training

I am completely exhausted. We are at the end of day three and I just want to go home. Unfortunately, we have another day to go. But thankfully, we do not have a session later tonight. Just dinner and bowling. The first two days we started at 9am and went until about 9/9:30pm each night. The sales training is not unique, but it’s always good to get a refresher. We did a number or role-plays which I wasn’t really fond of, but its good to get feedback from your peers. Plus, I must admit that I’ve actually picked up a […]

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Prison Cell

I arrived safely last night. Traffic wasn’t too bad. But my room is no bigger than a prison cell. Well maybe just a little bigger, but it’s really small. Thankfully I don’t have to share it with anyone. The place really has a quiet charm to it. More of a dorm house than anything else. Here’s hoping I can survive for 4 days without much difficulty.

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