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Change Has Come

So exactly a week ago today, I walked into a room having prepared for one meeting but it totally turned into something else. The discussion threw me off balance and ultimately lead to a difficult decision. Now, no one died or is dying but it definitely brought […]

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Connection & Passion Required

A reminder to self: never ever take a job or consultancy project just for money. Make sure that there is a genuine connection to the people and the company. Thus be sure to thoroughly research the industry, competitors and the product or services to really assess whether […]

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The Long Goodbye

So despite the best of intentions, it’s been another few months since I’ve posted here. So what’s new? Well work is quite busy. In fact, it’s really stressful and there are many days I wonder what the heck I got myself into. Sometimes I feel like I’m […]

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Finding Your Path

Sometimes the path others want you to take, or heck, even you may think you want to take isn’t right. And so you’ve got to be true to yourself whether personally or professionally as no one can live your life. It isn’t easy, but I truly believe […]

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Calculated Risks

I’m really hard on myself, too hard at times that I don’t fully appreciate or acknowledge all that I’ve accomplished and instead at times waste an enormous amount of energy obsessing about my failings. Slowly I’m starting to change as since going self-employed a few years ago, […]

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