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Pictures from Montserrat

I should have stayed in Monserrat for a few more days. Mainly because since I’ve been back, I haven’t really don’t much of anything. Partly because I’m fighting off another cold but also because I’m thinking about a certain person who is still in Montserrat. He leaves tomorrow. In any event, I have now loaded the pictures from Monserrat on flickr. Somewhere in the set is a picture of you know you that I might actually remove since he is a very private person and probably wouldn’t approve of me posting here. Oh well — enjoy for now!

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Happy New Year

After Christmas Day, the rest of my vacation went by really quickly. I spent time with other visiting family members as well as Airport Guy. In fact on the last evening, Airport Guy hung out with me and one of my Aunt’s family who were visiting from Virginia. And as the hours to my departure came close, part of me wanted to change my flight until after the New Year. In the end, I decided not to, as the more time I spent there, the harder it would be to say good-bye to everyone, especially my aunt Nenen and Airport […]

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Land of Sea & Sun

I am on the journey back from paradise. Currently in St John’s, Antigua as I have a few hours before my Virgin flight back to London. It’s nice here, but part of me which I was still in Montserrat. It rained a lot during the last 10 days, but being around family and new friends made it a wonderful time. Thus, despite how hectic it was to get there, I’m already thinking about my next trip.

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Emotions Running Wild

Being here in Montserrat confirms one of the reasons why I have stayed away. I have become even more emotional than normal. Plus feelings that I normally suppress related to becoming someone’s wife and mother are stirring. Heck, I feel like people can read my mind as one of my cousin’s from America asked me when I was getting married. This was most unnerving. And as my best guy friend pointed out to me a few weeks back being too emotional can be a major liability when it comes to relationships. As such, even though I’m having a good time, […]

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Airport Guy

I’m not sure what has come over me. I have these crazy thoughts and feelings for Airport Guy. Considering I just met him a few days ago, I find the whole thing a bit scary to be honest. Plus even though I’m emotional, outwardly I am quite guarded. Not here, my emotions seem to be running away with me. I saw him again tonight at festival village. We talked and I found out that he had transcribed my local number incorrectly. We have corrected the situation so we’ll see what happens. Part of me wants to let my hair down […]

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