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Viennese Pastries

In the next few days I plan to check out a few of Vienna’s top cultural sites, visit a few of the Christmas markets and try my darndest not to put on any weight. I am off to a not so great start with the last goal, as I had a slice of cheesecake from Café Demel this evening that I am sure resulted in me gaining back all the weight I lost earlier in the week. It was so rich but ever so good!

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Greetings from Vienna

Grüße aus Wien, Österreich. Ich werde hier für die nächsten Tage absorbieren Wiener Kultur und Gastfreundschaft. Mit leichtem Schneefall derzeit fallen, die Stadt ist einfach schön. In englischer Sprache/In English: Greetings from Vienna, Austria. I will be here for the next few days absorbing Viennese culture and hospitality. With light snow currently falling, the city is just beautiful.

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I know my last post was about pinching my pennies, but I’m seriously considering booking a vacation. I haven’t had a proper one all year. I did have a week off in February when Airport Guy came to visit me, however, we spent that mostly on the go, so it wasn’t exactly restful. And the demands of the job plus the stress of dealing with the house purchase makes me just want to leave it all behind and head to someplace warm for a week of genuine relaxation. However, deep down I know I really can’t afford to do that […]

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Beyond Europe

When I moved to London over two years ago, I couldn’t wait to explore continental Europe. So far I have visited five countries: Spain, the Netherlands, Chez Republic, France & Italy. Next up is probably Germany as one of my university friends sent an email inviting me to come visit her and hubby who now live in Kaiserslautern. I can’t wait. However, more and more, I’m thinking beyond Europe. On list of personal goals I had set for myself back in 2005 was to visit Australia. However, while I still want to go, it all seems a bit too tame. […]

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Chelsea Flower Show Pictures

I spotted this blog rating tool via Ms Shasta, and of course I had to confirm my movie rating. Seperately, I spent the last 5 days in Italy. Unfortunately, its wasn’t in any of the sexy cities like Rome, Venice or Milan. I was in Bologna. More on that later. In the interim, you can view my Chelsea Flower Show pictures from May that I just got around to posting. I’m not a big flowers/garden person but my company hosted clients at this event and as the official organizer my presence was required. Lucky me!

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