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Pictures from Barcelona

For anyone out there wondering, I still intend to do a proper write up of my trip to Barcelona. Just trying to get my notes and pictures organized. In the mean time, here is a photo of La Font Magica. Located close to Place d’Espanya the fountain comes to live with a sound-and-light show that is spectucular. La Font Magica Originally uploaded by UrsulaBarzey.

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Without Reservations

Whenever I tell my friends that I like to go on vacations alone, they always look at me funny. Granted it’s nice to have someone to enjoy new places with, but there is something to be set for exploring a new town/city/country by oneself. It provides a time for self reflection as well as self discovery. Plus, I’ve often found it to be a great way to meet and talk with others that I never would if I were traveling with someone else. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy reading travel books. I’m thinking of this today, as I just finished […]

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