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Waverley Abbey

Every now and then, I get nostalgic for the hikes I’ve been on throughout the UK. One of my favorites involved hiking to the ruins of Waverely Abbey. You can see a favorite image below which according to friends looks like an owl’s face. Post by Ursula Petula Barzey.

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Climbing Ben Nevis

With God’s help, next Saturday I will be successful in my attempt to summit Ben Nevis the highest mountain in Scotland and really the entire British Isles. I’m nervous but extremely excited. Particularly as after last year’s summit of Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales, I wanted to climb even further heights. With elevation of 4,409 feet, this definitely is higher plus weather condition will be more extreme. We will most likely encounter rain, gail force winds and snow near the top. Thankfully, I already own gear to make the climb comfortable so definitely looking forward to heading on out […]

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Seven Sisters

I’ve been cooped up all weekend as I came down with some sort of cold/flu and thought it best to rest with a view to recovering. Most unfortunate, as it has turned out to be a great weekend weather wise. Anyway, now that I’ve installed the new Facebook profile timeline, using downtime to re-familiarise myself with everything I’ve written on Facebook since joining in 2006. I’ve also spent a great deal of time looking through my photographs. Below is one of my favourites taken while on a hike to view the Seven Sisters. If you’re not familiar, the Seven Sisters […]

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Full Moon in Daylight

After walking over 100 miles during the 21 day Fitness Challenge and then a further 12+ miles during the PunchBowl Hike, decided to take a few days off. Then this morning (around 7am), on my first day back out walking, I saw the most amazing sight. Specifically, a full moon with blazing full sun off in the distance. I thought it was most unusual but apparently its a completely normal occurrence. Apparently two things contribute to seeing a full moon during daylight: “first, it is bright enough that its light penetrates the scattered blue light of the sky. If you’re […]

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Devil’s Punchbowl

More and more, I just love, love, love the great outdoors. And today, I went on another great hike from: Milford to Haslemere, Surrey. All total, walked about 13 miles in search of Devil’s Punchbowl a large hollow of dry sandy heath to the west of Hindhead in southern England. “Legend has it that the devil spent his time tormenting the god Thor by pelting him with enormous handfuls of earth, leaving the great bowl that visitors can see today. In reality the large depression was created by erosion as water percolated down and hit an impervious layer of clay. […]

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