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President Barack Obama follows me on Twitter

In the middle of live tweeting the Nelson Mandela funeral, I discover that the current leader of the free world – President Barack Obama is following me on Twitter. This unearthing is beyond PRICELESS! Totally overwhelmed as President Obama currently has 40.5Million followers on Twitter and he […]

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I’ve been checking out many of the companies that will have applications integrated into Facebook’s timeline profile. One that has captivated me so far is: Spotify. Why? Well while I like music, I don’t really follow a lot of bands or listen to a lot of music. […]

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My Facebook Timeline

I’ve enabled my Facebook timeline profile by following the instructions provided by Mashable Social Media. This is well in advance of the offical release so below is a sneak peak. Only those who have enabled their own profile will be able to view on Facebook. Yeah me! […]

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Facebook: Timeline

Since I started blogging again, I haven’t really shared any of my posts via Facebook as I wanted to make sure I was seriously committed to blogging again. And so now that I’ve blogged almost everyday for the last 54 days, thinking I should go ahead and […]

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100 Years of IBM

Companies like Facebook are the new sexy but let’s not forget companies like IBM who make much of our computing today possible!

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