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For anyone interested in a local’s opinion of Governor Palin, check out Mudflats whose author is “tiptoeing through the muck of Alaskan politics.”

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The Mutiny of Gordon Brown

I’ve been banging on about the US Presidential election and I’ve failed to talk about what’s happening in my own backyard. Basically, a growing number of British Labour MPs are calling for a leadership contest. Should this happen, this would most likely result in Gordon Brown no longer being the Prime Minister. This wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone living in this country as opinion polls have shown a complete erosion of support for the Labour Party as the housing market and economy have gone south. That said, I’m really surprised by the mounting rebellion within the party — particularly […]

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Barracuda, Indeed

A leopard never changes its spots, and as such, should Governor Palin actually become the next Vice President of the United States, I foresee a future filled with scandal and her possible even resigning in disgrace or being impeached. Sure she’ll have people from the McCain camp trying to keep her in check, but sooner or later her true self as outlined in the NY Times article below will be revealed. So here’s hoping this nightmare doesn’t become a reality. Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes By JO BECKER, PETER S. GOODMAN and MICHAEL POWELL New York Times, […]

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McCain’s Lies

Pass it on…

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To The Death

I completely agree with the sentiments shared in article below. Obama needs to get in the ring and fight gladiator style because its now apparently clear that the McCain campaign will do “almost” anything to win. Slaughter the Pig By Terence Samuel, Team Obama needs to break out the knives and start rolling in the mud, too. Sept. 10, 2008–So we wake up this morning to a Web ad from the McCain-Palin campaign accusing Barack Obama of sexism. It is a swift and superb effort and, from what we know about these things and the political climate in which […]

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