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General Colin Powell Endorses Senator Obama

Voting for the next American President takes place in 16 days and considering the historic nature of this election, there are surprisingly still quite a few undecided voters. So I really hope that a good number of those sitting on the fence will listen to General Powell’s endorsement of Senator Obama. Having run a hard fought campaign these last two years, Senator Obama has clearly demonstrated that he has the experience, judgement and temperament to be the next President of the United States.

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Global Electoral College

The world is watching with great anticipation to find out the outcome of US Presidential election. And according a poll conducted by The Economist, if citizens across the globe had the opportunity to vote in this election, Senator Obama would be President-elect already. The only countries that are leaning Senator McCain include: Georgia and Macedonia. Most others are trending for Senator Obama. No surprise really! Considering that the outcome of the election will have profound implications across the globe, folks would like to see the American public take a chance on the Senator from Illinois. To see how this play […]

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Roll Call

When a sitting President cannot rally more than 33% of his own party members to vote in favor of a bill — after going on national television and saying the sky will fall if said legislation doesn’t get passed — he truly is a sitting duck. Furthermore, failure to get this bill passed after intense lobbying speaks volumes about the President’s inability to lead during this financial crisis.

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Well, so much for companies and their executives accepting responsibility for their reckless business decisions. The US government has given in to the pleadings of Wall Street and announced a bailout plan that will cost taxpayers about $700 billion dollars and according to a New York Times article will raise the national debt ceiling to $11.3 trillion. This is just completely outrageous! And since I’m going to have to contribute to buying these toxic CDOs (yes, I still have to file and PAY taxes even though I live abroad), I can only hope that the government will buy them at […]

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Banking Blues

The well has run dry. Or better yet, the American government has finally come to its senses and realises that while it must do all it can to not let major players within the financial systems, that does not automatically mean it must prop up investment banks like Lehman Brothers using taxpayer funds. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not want to see the bank fail and I really do hope that a deal can be hammered out privately to rescue the bank as not all of the 24,000+ employees are rich investment bankers. That said, I strongly believe […]

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