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Illinois Commonsense Consumption Act

Having dealt with weight issues since college, I’m sympathetic to most with health problems as a result of obesity. But taking a restaurant chain (say McDonald’s) or a manufacturer (say Nabisco) of a food product to court “for making you obese” is just ridiculous. Geez! All fast food restaurants now provide nutritional information for items on their menus. The same is done for all fatty and potentially “addictive” junk food found in the grocery store. Granted serving portions have gotten larger, but it’s up to the individual to exercise some self control. Furthermore, people (myself included) need to take responsibility […]

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Homosexual Marriages

Now that 2,600 gays/lesbians couples in San Francisco have realized their dream of getting married, I await word of the first divorce in the bunch. Ok, I know that’s a really negative statement but it will be interesting to see if these couples fair any better than their heterosexual counter-parts. For the record, let me that I’ve always been supportive of the gay rights movement. However, until about a few years ago, I was against homosexual marriages; primarily on religious grounds. I did support gay couples being able to get the secular benefits of marriage if they formed a domestic […]

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2004 Illinois Sentate Race

Is anyone from Illinois paying attention to the Senate race? With so many millionaires in the race, thinking this will turn out to be one of the most expensive Senate races in modern history. Quite a few are already using some of their personal fortune to finance political advertisments, to help build name recognition. Interesting tidbit, one of my friend’s mom dated one of the candidates for a while. She met him on I won’t tell the name, but he’s one of the Democratic nominees. In any event, if you are not yet registered to vote, tomorrow (February 17th) […]

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Chicago Trucking Scandal

Here in Chicago we’ve moved on from the Jackson Jackson Super Bowl half-time scandal. Our focus has turned to a trucking scandal that is one again exposing the corruption going on at City Hall. Three people including a cousin of the Mayor have been fired from their city jobs. I’m sure more will follow. Below is a joke that kind of sums up how things are done here in the city. It’s funny as heck but really sad at the same times.

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An Open Letter to Ralph Nader

Looks like Senator Kerry will win Arizona, Delaware, Missouri & North Dakota. So if he maintains the momentum and wins the nomination, it should be an interesting match-up in the fall. So here’s hoping that Ralph Nader, listen’s to his friend’s at The Nation and decides not to run. While I’m usually in favor of third party candidates getting a chance to get in the mix, Ralph Nader is not the guy. If he does run, I’m afraid he will be nothing more than a spoiler like he was back in 2000. That would not be a good thing.

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