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Life After Gaddafi

It looks like the end is near for another Middle Eastern dictator. Specifically, rebel forces opposed to Libya’s leader Col Muammar Gaddafi have swept into Tripoli after a six-month insurgency and will most likely take control of the capital sometime in the next few days! This is a good thing considering that Gaddafi has ruled Libya with an iron fist since he seized power some fourty two years ago. He has routinely suppressed political descent. Heck, he banned political parties and routinely imprisoned, tortured or murdered his critics. So change in this instant is good. In the year 2011, no […]

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Sally Bercow

What does it say about current House of Common’s Speaker John Bercow that he couldn’t convince his wife Sally Bercow not to go on UK Celebrity Big Brother? Now I can relate to Sally Bercow because I too am independent, strong willed and free spirited. And I don’t think that you should have to simply sit quietly in the corner and be a wallflower just because your spouse has a high ranking government position. But Big Brother? Considering the unique nature of her position — being married to the highest commoner in the land — is this the best she […]

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Peace in the Middle East

I am so bored with the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. They are like two petulant children that just refuse to play nicely in the sand box no matter what toys are thrown their way and so yeah, I’m glad to see President Obama taking a hard line here. Israel has a right to exist and so does Palestine. So both parties need to seriously come to the table and negotiate a settlement. Surely they want both peace?

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Britain and France sign Military Treaty

Times sure are a changing. As who could have ever imagined that the British & the French would sign a treaty to have: “joint use of aircraft carries, 10,000-strong joint expeditionary force and unprecedented new levels of co-operation over nuclear missiles.” Lord Nelson who bravely defeated the French during the Battle of Trafalgar in the Napoleonic Wars must be rolling over in his grave!!! Britain and France sign landmark 50-year defence deal Patrick Wintour, political editor,, Tuesday 2 November 2010 Britain and France today signed a landmark 50-year treaty on defence and security that envisages the joint use of […]

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True Change

I have a few long posts in my head that I plan to bang out once I tear myself away from work and twitter. Until then, here’s hoping that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning brings’ about a massive celebration for Senator Obama. I vividly remember the intensity and disappointment when former Vice President Gore lost the 2000 election by less than 600 votes in Florida. I am hoping that we don’t have to go through that again. Eight years later, with “unwinnable” expensive wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, America and the world at large are much more troubled – and the […]

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