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I thought the Norwegian Nobel Committee was having a laugh when they announced that the Peace Prize would be given to the European Union this year. Then I reread Elie Wiesel’s autobiography Night which details his horrific experience of being in a Nazi death camp and warmed to the idea. Sure the European Union is currently in economic crisis but it has been relatively peaceful since World War II. But really how could the Committee overlook the European Union’s inability to act more quickly during the 1990s Yugoslav Wars? Granted the death toll is not on the scale as what […]

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I Love Big Bird

I haven’t been paying much attention to the 2012 American Presidential Election as the thought of Mitt Romney in the White House is just too unsettling. So fingers crossed that it doesn’t become a reality in November and oh yeah, good to see that one of my childhood heros shares my option! Big Bird Responds to Mitt Romney NSFW – watch more funny videos Now, to wash Big Bird’s mouth out. Ha! Ha!

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A Tribute to Senator Kennedy

What a great tribute to Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy at the 2012 Democratic National Convention which also manages to sneak in an attack on Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Basically, it revives the accusation that Romney is a flip-flopper. Anyway, watching the video brought back such wonderful memories of the Senator and couldn’t held but shout: “Teddy … Teddy … Teddy.” The dream definitely still lives on! And so here is hoping that President Obama who isn’t perfect by any means, gets another four years. The risks are too great to trust the Presidency to a man (Romney) who changes […]

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Prime Minister In Waiting

Boris Johnson the current Mayor of London is tipped to be the future leader of the British Conservative Party and eventual Prime Minister. So let’s hope that when he does get back into Parliament, he will start acting less like a buffoon and more like a serious politician. Don’t get me wrong, I do like a politician who is of the people and is quite personable, but Boris takes it all a bit too far and often makes a fool of himself. Thus, to think that he could be at centre of British power is scary. The man is all […]

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Arab Spring

The Arab Spring which kicked off with demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt is very much a work in progress. But it’s good to see so many people across these Middle Eastern countries rise up, protest and fight for what we in the West take for granted. What’s been really impressive is how the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which were blamed for aiding the riots in London, have been used so skilfully to organise, communicate, and raise awareness in the struggle to rid their countries of tyrannical rulers. So here’s hoping that these people will eventually […]

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