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Four Things

Four jobs I’ve had: Tutor, Urban Scholars Program Research Assistant, Program for Research on Black Americans Coordinator, Admissions Guaranteed Program Business Development Consultant (I sold out and went corporate – show me the money!!!) Four Movies I can watch over and over: Lawrence of Arabia The Godfather I & II (definitely not III) It’s A Wonderful Life Chariots of Fire Four Places I’ve lived: Chicago, Illinois, USA Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Boston, Massachusetts, USA St. John’s, Monsterrat, West Indies Four TV shows I love: 24 Grey’s Anatomy West Wing My Name is Earl Four places I’ve vacationed: San Francisco, California […]

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Random Happenings

Superbowl I didn’t watch the game. Mainly because that meant with the time difference, being at a bar late on a Sunday evening/early Monday morning. Also, partly because I wasn’t really interested in either teams playing. I had planned to watch the commercials online, but now I can’t be bothered. Strange how things that use to be rituals in the US aren’t so important to me anymore. TopGear I have my drivers license, but I hardly ever drive. Mainly because I don’t have a car, but also partly because I’m really not that interested in driving. Yup — despite the […]

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Cry Me A River

I have cried so much these last two weeks that my tears could have turned the most barren place in Africa into a plush green garden. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I did find myself crying a lot. I simple couldn’t hold back the tears. So why would I be crying when the year did get off to a fabulous start with trip to Amsterdam? Well, lots of reasons really. 1) I’m homesick which is understandable as I’m in the middle of my first year abroad and don’t yet have a solid network of friends. 2) Work is […]

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Glass Very Much Half Full

Earlier today I got really excited because I decided to meet some friends in Rome, Italy for Christmas. Then I found out that they would be in

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How To Annoy Me

Not carry my size in jeans. Apparently, while I’m the average size for American females, I’m too fat by UK standards and so Levi’s doesn’t carry my size, at least not in the women’s section — I’d have to consider purchasing from the men’s section. But upon hearing this, I was too furious and walked out. I mean, how could this All American brand not carry the equivalent of an American 14/16 in their UK stores? Now granted I could stand to loose a few pounds, but not every woman in London is as thin as Cocaine Kate. So I […]

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