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CringeWorthy Journal Entry from 1987

Sarah Brown over at Que Sera Sera is compiling a list of cringeworthy journal entries for a book. I thought I’d post my journal entry 20 years ago today which sort of fits into this category. January 8th 1987: Trying to deal with reality really stinks. Tryone2 and I are finished. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. All I did was lay awake and think of the phone call yesterday from one of his friends who told me he had another girlfriend. It’s hard to accept but in time I’ll adjust. What is cringeworthy about this entry is that […]

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I sometimes feel invisible. People see me, yet they don’t see me. How sad.

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My Horoscope

My horoscope for the day: Even if you have been pretty stressed out lately, your emotional health is strong. You may feel so supported at home that you cannot hide your inner happiness. Don’t be afraid to look back into your past so you can see how good you have it now. There’s no need to be fearful of what’s next, for you are at the top of your game and will make the best out of your current circumstances no matter how challenging. Yeah, I think that’s about right!

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Moving On Up

Had I lived in Nothing Hill, Chelsea, Soho or one of the other fabulous areas closer to London, I wouldn’t have thought twice about heading out late on my birthday. But being in Wimbledon, one has to always think about getting home. Oh sure I’ve got options, but none are really desirable. Besides hopping on the last train from Waterloo which leaves at 12:30am, I can also catch a taxi (very expensive) or get on the night bus (really scary for a single gal). As such, when it comes time to moving, I really want to live closer to the […]

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Birthday Happenings

Thanks to everyone who left a birthday greeting below. I had a quiet but lovely day. I spend the morning lounging in bed, and after opening my gift to self from Tiffany’s, I then headed out for a three hour Nordic walk through Wimbledon Common. This was then followed by a full body massage at the Wimbledon Esporta Club. But the best part of the day was the lengthy conversation I had with my “best guy friend.” We talked about everything under the sun and it was pure mental masturbation. Plus it left with me on such a high that […]

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