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A Needle In a Haystack

My temporary studio apartment does not have access to the Internet. Thus the reason for my lack of posting. In any event, since arriving last Saturday, much of my time has been spend exploring the city trying to decide where I want to live. I have been North, South, East and West. I’m probably seen more of London these last few days than people who have lived here all their lives. Having said that, I’m still confused about where to live. It would be nice to live in the posh West End, but my budget won’t allow it. So I’ve […]

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Greetings from London

Greetings from London. No not London, Kentucky or London West Virginia — London, England. There is much to write about my decision to move to the UK, but for now, I must get some sleep. I am still a bit jet lagged but I did want to let all family and friends know that I have arrived safely and that all is well. Will write more later. 🙂

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Testing! Testing!

Testing! Testing! Testing! Hmmm. I guess this thing still works. In any event, I am here trying desperately to get everything together for my big move. What big move you ask? Well let’s just say that I’ll be leaving Chicago soon. I’ll miss all the friends I’ve made these last 10 years, but I’m ready to experience a new city. I had imagined I would be making the move with someone special, but alas I am going alone. Having said that, I am extremely excited about this new adventure. Hell, I can’t believe I’m being such a risk taker. But […]

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In Case You Were Wondering

Ladies and Gentlemen, the stage remained dark here at Ursula’s Not So Secret History for 10+ days because after my long run, I needed a break. Like the grande dame in Being Julia, I was emotionally exhausted. In many respects, I still am, but I thought I would post something for my loyal fan base (all 10 of you!). With that, let me say that I am here getting ready for my big move and thanking God every day for my continued good health. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. P.S.: In case I take another long break, feel free […]

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New Email Address

If you recently sent personal email to ursula at barzey dot com, the likelihood that I have read is slim to none. Mainly because despite my best efforts, that inbox continues to be overrun with spam email. As such, I plan to delete that email address soon. Thus, please send all future private emails to ursulabarzey at gmail dot com. If you have my AOL address, you can use that one too. I will at some point consolidate down to one email address, but can’t bring myself yet to part with my AOL account that I acquired back when they […]

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