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A Matter of National Interest

What a sad world we live in when a little girl with a beautiful voice is deemed not pretty enough for television. Olympic ceremony singer faked performance By Mure Dickie in Beijing Financial Times, Published: August 12 2008 16:27 Lin Miaoke was quickly hailed as a budding star by China’s state media after the pig-tailed nine-year-old performed a rousing rendition of a revolutionary anthem during last Friday’s Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. But while the smile beaming around the world may have been hers, China’s top leaders made a late intervention to make sure the voice was not. The replacement singer, […]

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Missing in Action

Soccer (football) is really growing on me. How else to explain the hours spend in front on my television watching most international matches played by team England and USA. And while I can’t bring myself to support one of the English premiership teams I plan to attend a few Bromley FC games this season. The stadium is like 15 minutes walking from my house so I really have no excuse to go check out “the beautiful game” up front. In any event, disappointed to find out the there will be no England or Great Britain team for that matter competing […]

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Damn the neighbors

The Chinese must be pissed. Why? Well they spend a fortune to put on what most will agree was a magnificent opening ceremony and just as the parade of nations started, word came that the Russians were on the verge of declaring war on Georgia. Talk about stealing headlines. Of course, they have their own problems at home. Apparently an American was killed and another wounded for no apparent reason by a Chinese attacker who then went on to commit suicide.

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Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Ok, I whinged a bit during the opening ceremony, but it was spectacular! In fact, the Chinese did a damn good job and have set the bar really high for all future cities who host the Olympics. Damn! London has a lot to live up to. Of course, that’s not for another 4 years. In the interim, we have the next 16 days in Beijing which I’m sure are going to be even more dramatic once the athletes start lining up.

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No offense to the billion+ plus people in China, but your language (I’m assuming its Mandarin) as spoken at the Olympics, is so not sexy and in fact sounds a bit whiny. Sorry!

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