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London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch is making its way around the four corners of the UK before arriving in Stratford on 27 July for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. And it has been amazing to hear some of the stories and view images associated with the people taking part in the journey. One that brought a big smile to my face is that of some kids on West Sands Beach in St Andrews who re-enacted the famous scene from one of my favourite movies: Chariots of Fire. Simply brilliant! So can’t wait to get caught up in the […]

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London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies: Volunteer Performer

Last year I applied for London 2012 Olympic tickets. I figured I’d never again live in a city with the Olympics and so wanted to attend a few of the events. And as it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I was particularly keen to attend the opening or closing ceremony. Unfortunately, my bid was not successful with either event. Not surprising really as millions applied. Thus, after reading a news article which indicated that the organisers were looking for volunteer performers, I decided to apply. And luck would be on my side as not only was my […]

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Putting the GREAT Back in BRITIAN

The British government has launched a marketing campaign to generate further buzz and interest as a lead up to the London Olympics. Specifically, they hope the campaign will boost trade and tourism revenue by £1bn and attract 4 million extra visitors next year. Now considering the awful images spread across the globe last month with the riots, this investment is money well spent. Sure London and the rest of the country has its share of challenges, but there are also some amazing things happening here across the public, business, entertainment and academic sectors, etc. Thus its about time that the […]

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I suppose there was never really any doubt that Michael Phelps would win the eight gold medals at these Games and his fourteenth overall. However, what is still up for debate is whether or not this makes him the greatest Olympian of all time. Michael Johnson the American sprinter, who is providing commentary for the BBC, doesn’t think so. He argues, that swimmers more than in any other sport are simply able to compete in a larger number of events which affords them the ability to win more medals. Plus the recovery time is a lot quicker than in say, […]

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Athens Demons

Whoever said winning isn’t everything lied. Just ask Paula Radcliffe, she’d tell you it is the only thing! Well maybe not publicly but her tears and after event commentary for once against failing to bring home the gold in the marathon, spoke volumes. Of course, considering that she was recovering from a leg stress fracture, I think she has a lot to be proud of. Lesser mortals would not have lined up never mind finished the race.

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