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The noise! The clamour! The lights!

Leave it to the Chinese to be different. By having the athletes come into the stadium by the number of strokes needed to write the country’s name in Chinese, I can’t for the life of me tell how many more countries are to come. That said, athletes from Great Britain and the United States of America have already come into the stadium. Wait, Fiji has more strokes than USA? Goodness! I am so hoping the parade of nations is near conclusion. I’m seriously getting bored now with all the flag waving and less than interesting commentary by the BBC presenters. […]

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History Beckons

I’m not so sure about Michael Phelps’ porn moustache, but he gets a pass for that hot body and for having a tattoo displaying his pride in our alma mater, the University of Michigan. Go Blue! Update 1: He’s shaved the moustache for the Olympics all in an effort I’m sure to help him rise to the challenge and win 8 gold medals. Update 2: I go to his website and get the choice of two languages: English or Chinese. Damn! Michael has serious backers!

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Beijing 2008

Currently watching the opening ceremony and all I have to say to China, enough already. Yes I know this is your big moment and you are spending a boatload to put on this spectacular show but let’s not forget, this is about the athletes. So enough with the propaganda. Bring on the athletes and let the games begin!

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BBC Sports: Olympics 2008 Monkey Movie

After viewing the BBC commercial below for the upcoming Olympics, thinking I’ll write to ask for my license fee money back. Don’t get me wrong, it get props for being artistic and for drawing inspiration from the host country, but I think it is yet another example of waste by the corporation.

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