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X Games at the Winter Olympics

The most exciting sporting events at these Winter Olympics have been those imported from the X Games. So action packed sports like: parallel slalom snowboard, ski halfpipe, snowboard and ski slopestyle. These athletes really push their bodies and show what is truly possible on snow. It of course does not take away from the more traditional events like biathlon or downhill ski where the athletes also push themselves really hard — but the twists, turns and aerobatics of the X Games sports are way more breathtaking. Well at least to me anyway! So really glad to see that the International […]

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Run The Track

Every Olympics has a few Cinderella athletes and teams; those who just barely made it on a wing and a prayer. One of those this year is the Jamaican Bobsled Team who didn’t qualify for the last two Winter Games and only got there this year after using crowdfunding sites to raise money to cover expenses. This appeal tugged at quite a few hearts and brought back memories of the original Jamaican Bobsled Team that made its debut at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was immortalised in the major motion picture Cool Runnings. That being […]

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Sochi Winter Olympics Empty Seats

Having watched hours and hours of coverage for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, what is abundantly clear is that the International Olympic Committee has yet to figure out how to ensure that all the events, including preliminary ones are well attended. This is most disappointing considering the outcry from the London 2012 Summer Olympics. It’s just inadequate for the athletes as well as fans within the stadiums and those watching around the globe. I make this point as having attended a good number of events during the London games, I know first-hand what a difference it makes to the atmosphere […]

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Social Television

The amazing this about social media is that it has changed the way many including myself watch television. As not only can you share the experience with people in the room, but also with friends, family members and even strangers across the globe. Case in point, last December I live-tweeted Nelson Mandela’s memorial and funeral. In January I live-tweeted Super Bowl XLVIII. And earlier today I live-tweeted while watching USA v RUSSA ice hockey game. Each of these major events brought out a range of emotions throughout the broadcast and it’s been great to chime in and share my thoughts […]

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Russian Police Choir covers Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Thanks to the stellar coverage by BBC Sports via TV and online, I’ve been able to watch alot of the Sochi Winter Olympics. From slopestyle to curling – yes curling, its all been rather exciting. That all being said, I can’t believe I missed the Russian Police Choir singing Daft Punk’s Grammy Awards winning megahit Get Lucky during the Sochi Opening Ceremony, well actually the preshow. Their vocal range is impressive and the three doing the lead bits of the song are beyond fabulous! Just love their energy.

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