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Funny Travel Stories

Quite a few of my European colleagues like to take the micky out of anything related to America, thus I am not surprised that someone has compiled the list below. That said, some are quite funny! However, I am sure we could find people from all nationalities who make similar darf statements. Why Americans Should Never Be Allowed To Travel The following are actual stories provided by travel agents: I had someone ask for an aisle seats so that his or her hair wouldn’t get messed up by being near the window. A client called in inquiring about a package […]

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More Single Female Expats

More and more single women are seeking out and accepting international assignments. I know I shouldn’t be surprised since I moved abroad alone, but in some ways I am. Maybe because most of the expats I’ve met since moving to London are partnered up. Either way, its good to hear that there are other women out there who are willing to move abroad for a job without a spouse. More females sent on international assignment than ever before, survey finds Mercer Consulting, London, 12 October 2006 More females are being sent on international assignments than ever before, but they are […]

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Expat Blogs

If you are interested in reading blogs by other expats across the globe, check out the links at: Expat Travels:From Switzerland to Canada.

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Transition Abroad

For anyone out there considering moving oversees, the Transition Abroad Internet site is another good resource. I particularly like the page that list out all the expat Internet sites.

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World Citizen Guide

The World Citizen Guide published by the Business for Diplomatic Action offers good advice for Americans traveling abroad. Among the tips offered: ‘Speak softly, don’t argue and slow down’ By Philip Sherwell, Telegraph, Filed: 16/04/2006 • Think as big as you like but talk and act smaller. (In many countries, any form of boasting is considered very rude. Talking about wealth, power or status – corporate or personal – can create resentment.) • Listen at least as much as you talk. (By all means, talk about America and your life in our country. But also ask people you’re visiting about […]

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