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I’m In A Movie

Airport Guy called me yesterday and after chatting for some while, we made plans to meet up at festival village. However as there wasn’t much going on, we ended up going for a walk on the nearby beach. There we talked for quite some time. It was magical. Maybe it was being under the stars near the beach. Maybe it was the kiss that came towards the end of the evening. Whatever, I feel like I’m in my own pg-rated version of How Stella Got Her Groove Back. For the record though, Airport Guy is not a younger man, he […]

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Emotions Running Wild

Being here in Montserrat confirms one of the reasons why I have stayed away. I have become even more emotional than normal. Plus feelings that I normally suppress related to becoming someone’s wife and mother are stirring. Heck, I feel like people can read my mind as one of my cousin’s from America asked me when I was getting married. This was most unnerving. And as my best guy friend pointed out to me a few weeks back being too emotional can be a major liability when it comes to relationships. As such, even though I’m having a good time, […]

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Airport Guy

I’m not sure what has come over me. I have these crazy thoughts and feelings for Airport Guy. Considering I just met him a few days ago, I find the whole thing a bit scary to be honest. Plus even though I’m emotional, outwardly I am quite guarded. Not here, my emotions seem to be running away with me. I saw him again tonight at festival village. We talked and I found out that he had transcribed my local number incorrectly. We have corrected the situation so we’ll see what happens. Part of me wants to let my hair down […]

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Mom’s Final Resting Place

When my mother knew her days were numbered, she told me she wanted to go home. I immediately knew that she wasn’t talking about leaving the hospital for our house in Boston, she was talking about Montserrat. I got her out of the hospital but she died before I could bring her back to Montserrat alive. In any event, this is where she is buried and so I visited her grave today. For a while I stood at a distance and cried my eyes out. I always knew the day would come when I would bury my mother, I just […]

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Yesterday while at the airport waiting for my luggage to arrive, I had a drink at the bar with my Aunt. Across the bar from me what this guy (now to be known as Airport Guy) who I knew was checking me out. Normally, I would be obviously to such things, but I felt his gaze. It was intense. Eventually, he waived at me and something within me gave me the courage to walk over to where he was sitting. We spoke briefly before I was called away to go through security to collect my luggage. Later we ended up […]

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