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Reclaiming Montserrat

As long as my Great Aunt Dorothy — my Nenen — is alive, there will always be the call to return to Montserrat. Her voice and commanding presence at her home in Mongo Hill, St Johns will always represent home sweet home. Thus, I’d walk through fire […]

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Before Friday, only two people knew Basherter’s true identity. My elder sister and ScandinaviaGuy. And ScandinaviaGuy only knew as after the situation with AirportGuy, I vowed that if I ever again starting communicating with someone from Montserrat who had romantic potential, I was going to ask at […]

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Ulterior Motives

After the drama with Basherter yesterday, it was good to have a day out at the Eastbourne Airshow with friends! But have to say that I’m now once again annoyed with the whole situation. Particularly as his status update now reads: “the giving of my friendship should […]

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I was going to do a write-up of my birthday yesterday, but really what is there to tell beyond the fact that I went to the movies to see Bridesmaids (not very funny!). This was followed by browsing some of my favourite London bookstores and then having […]

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Fruit Cravings

It’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit in London today. Hot, but not hot enough for August! I’d like it to at least 80 degrees. Since the probability of that is slim, I’d to be in the Caribbean – in Montserrat to be exact. My time there in June was […]

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