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Did Anyone Else Think The Half Time Show Was Lame?

I channel hopped for most of Super Bowl XXXIX. However, I watch the half time show and let me say that I was not impressed. Paul McCartney gave a decent performance, but the show overall was pretty lame….heck, I almost fell asleep. Thus, shame on the NFL for reaching back and choosing such a safe performer from almost another lifetime. When you have a billion+ people watching your show, thinking they could have easily booked a more hip entertaining performer that wouldn’t repeat last years wardrobe malfunction.

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We Want Justice

The man who ran over the cabdriver 100 yards away from the front door of my building turned himself in on Friday night. Thank goodness. Based on news reports, he was accompanied by his attorneys. No charges have yet been filed, but I cannot wait to hear what defense this yet to be indentified man will present. Anyone in this neighborhood who heard or witnessed with their eyes what happened will agree with me that it was murder. It was not premeditated, but once the guy was in the act, he totally got out of control. Therefore, I am of […]

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Winter Darkness

5:30am and still no sunlight. Damn! I need to move somewhere warmer. Somewhere with more sunlight during the day. Somewhere where the sun rises a little earlier. This is ridiculous.

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There Goes The Neighborhood

It is 4am in the morning and I am wide-awake. Partially because I went to bed, last night wicked early (8pm) by my own standards. So here I am trying to busy myself. I could do something productive like start shredding some of my personal files, but I went to bed without dinner and so I am too hungry to concentrate and alas, there is no food in the house. Therefore, I am waiting. Waiting until there is some daylight outside so that I go to the local grocery store Dominick’s. Prior to the murder two nights ago, I would […]

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Murder Up the Street

So for 10 years I have lived in the same neighborhood and apartment and thankfully (knocking on wood), I have never witnessed or been a victim of a crime. That all changed last night. I was lying in bed around 11:30pm trying desperately to go to sleep when I heard people arguing outside. As the voices got raised, I turned up my radio to drown them out, but the arguing and foul language kept up for a bit. Then I heard a car reversing, then moving forward, then reversing and moving forward again. Through that, I heard someone scream really […]

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