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Where Are the Trick-O-Treaters?

Not one child came to door tonight to trick-o-treat. Thankfully, I hadn’t purchased any candy, but still. Being in a very residential area, I really thought a few would stop by and was prepared to fully pretend like no one was home when they knocked. Oh well! I guess the British (at least in Wimbledon) haven’t fully adopted the very American tradition of going door to door for candy on Halloween.

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Birth of a hummingbird

Sent to me by a former boss, pictures showing the stages of life for a hummingbird captured over 24 days. Just beautiful.

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Thanks to Telewest, I now have internet access at home. I also have digital cable and a land line. Yeah me!!

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New Google feature

I use Google everyday, but I am not digging their new feature that allows you to enter a phone number and get a map to the address. That’s fine for a business, but not my personal residence. So after confirming that my number was in their system, I submitted a request to have it blocked. Thinking others out there may want to do the same. Google has implemented a new feature wherein you can type someone’s telephone number into the search bar and hit enter and then you will be given a map to their house. Everyone should be aware […]

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Chicago Furniture Reupholstery Recommendation

The decision to reupholster a piece of furniture is often a difficult one. Particularly since reupholstering can sometimes cost more than buying new furniture. A large part of that cost typically goes towards paying for the fabric, which is often marked up significantly if you are dealing with an intermediary who then subcontracts the work. Having said that, if you live in Chicago and have an antique piece of furniture that you want to bring new life to, consider using: Felipe’s Upholstery @ 4111 W North Ave., Chicago, IL, 60639, 773-252-3110. They recently reupholstered two wingback as well as six […]

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