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Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2003

Hetrosexuals like myself who live in the East Lakeview neighorhood of Chicago (better known to locals as BoysTown), can become honorary members of the gay community towards the end of June each year if they so choose. NO it doesn’t mean the we start experimenting, just that we show up on Broadway Street to watch the Pride Parade. I must admit that for the first 5 years I lived in the neighborhood, I refused to go to the parade — even though I could hear it from my apartment. It wasn’t that I’m homophoic, in fact I’m very liberal when […]

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Ever have sex in a Wal-Mart?

Have you had sex at a Wal-Mart? If so, Playboy wants your story. Playboy: Wal-Mart recently stopped selling a trio of salacious and sophomoric lad rags after reporting “customer complaints” about their cock-tease pictorials and dumpster-diving humor. It’s the corporation’s latest puritanical move to stop you from reading anything even remotely racy (women’s mags are now covered with binders to conceal sexy cutlines, and even the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue once got booted off its racks). While the world’s largest retailer may think its decision to nix these men’s mags will make its millions of customers and employees less lusty, […]

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Yet another gimmick to get you to buy overpriced water. NEWSWEEK: June 23 issue; Body: Is It All Wet? A drink that promises to help improve your skin. How much would you pay for a drink that promises to help improve your skin? Adam Zizmor hopes it’s at least $3. His SkinCola beverage, launched in February and now heavily —advertised, contains only purified water, activated oxygen and trace amounts of 16 minerals. (It’s $18 per six-pack at Zizmor claims it’ll hyperhydrate your skin. But several medical experts—who haven’t analyzed it, but have checked out the list of ingredients—say it’s […]

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Malta Goya

I purchased a six pack of Malta Goya last night and I’m trying my best to drink in moderation. If you’re not familiar, Malta Goya is a “rich, non-alchoholic soft drink, brewed from barley and hops.” You typically only find these at ethnic grocery stores. They are so delicious. Yummy!!!!

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Freezing Day At Wrigley Field

It’s been a long exhausting day. I went to work but left around noon to head to Wrigley Field where I was to meet my sister promptly at 1:15pm. I got there at 12:30pm. She showed up at 2pm. So I missed the first 3 innings of the first ever opening season game I’ve been to. I was so peeved. Luckily I was able to watch at a nearby bar until she arrived. Once she did, we headed into the stadium which was not even halfway filled. I’m assuming that many people who had tickets for yesterday, simply couldn’t get […]

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