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In The Big House

Heck yeah — we’re Michigan! We are the Wolverines and we’re going to rain supreme in the Big House!

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The Big House

Just like every man I have ever loved, Michigan’s rocky start to the football season is on track to break my heart. Ok! Ok! That was perhaps a bit harsh and I said long ago that I would never get wrapped up in college sports again, but seriously now — Michigan has already lost two football games this season and the one game we did win wasn’t pretty. Goodness! This is not looking good for Wolverine fans across the globe and new coach Rich Rodriguez. Heck, if this turns out to be a losing season, I think there is going […]

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Why I Never Joined A Sorority

I am a little late in linking this article, but this situaton at DePauw University Delta Zeta Chapter is a perfect example of why I had no interest in joining a sorority at Michigan. Sorority Evictions Raise Issue of Looks and Bias New York Times, By SAM DILLON, Published: February 25, 2007 GREENCASTLE, Ind. — When a psychology professor at DePauw University here surveyed students, they described one sorority as a group of “daddy’s little princesses” and another as “offbeat hippies.” The sisters of Delta Zeta were seen as “socially awkward.” Worried that a negative stereotype of the sorority was […]

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Rematch Required

Michigan’s defeat by 3 points last night had the potential to send me into a depression. Mainly because I am far away from home and the hype surrounding the game made me nostalgic about my 4 years at Michigan. Sort of sad really since my university years are now 10+ years behind me, but still, my Michigan days were some of the best ever. That said, since their defeat, I can’t stop thinking how true it is “that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” Now I know that a lot of people don’t like the sentiments in this quote […]

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Heartbreak Hotel

The trouble with being a spectator to a sporting event is that you have no control over the outcome. Thus, no matter how much you yell and scream, it is all down to the players on the field. And even when the team you are supporting does their best, it is sometimes not good enough which is really difficult for a fanatic to accept. Thus I’ve told myself time and time again that I’m not going to get sucked in by Michigan sporting events. Yet, I somehow found myself in that trap leading up to the Michigan v Ohio State […]

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