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2005 Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night

The English could learn a thing or two from the Americans when it comes to putting on a proper fireworks celebration, nonetheless, Wandsworth Council gets an A for effort as not only did they have a fireworks display that went on for a good 20minutes, but they also had a huge bonfire that up close was simply, hot! hot! hot! All of this was in celebration of Guy Fawkes Night which they tell me has something to do with a plot by a group of Roman Catholics dating back to 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament, with the […]

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This English weather is getting the best of me. I say this because I have once again come down with a cold. I feel awful. Stuffy head. Congested chest. Goodness! The winter is still yet to come.

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Peer-to-Peer Banking

For anyone out there in the UK who is always being hit up by a friend or family member to borrow money, keep your hard earned money in your pocket and direct then to Zopa. According to recent article in Business 2.0, it’s an Ebay like website that allows consumers to borrow money from other regular citizens. As such, while you still need to pass a credit check, the approval process is less strick than a bank.

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My New Lover

In case everyone out there thinks I am completely miserable, I am not. I’m just upset. I view my relationship with London as that started with a new lover. We’ve courted each other and have embarked on a new relationship. Now these terrorist who are acting like jealous rivals are trying to unmask all the negatives. I do not like that. With this budding relationship, I wish to have a proper honeymoon. I am not yet willing to acknowledge the negatives. So do not talk to me about how expensive it is to live here or how unpredictable the weather […]

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The Politics of Happiness

The Tuesday before the July 7th bombings, I went to listen to a debate at the London School of Economics. The debate lead by Lord Layard and Dr Raj Persaud was titled, “The Politics of Happiness”. The argument as spelled out in their recent books are as follows: In Lord Layard’s new book, Happiness: lessons from a new science, he argues that the relentless pursuit of economic growth is exacting a high price from the national psyche – leaving depression and emotional impoverishment in its wake. His polemic is that we should radically rethink economic and social policy to reorient […]

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