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Fighting Back

The additional police on the streets of London helped to calm and restore order last night. Heck, here in Bromley in was really quiet, almost too quiet. I found it a bit eerie. But hey, I’m not going to complain too much. I long for things to go back to the way they were, but thinking that won’t happen for some time. So I’m tired and still on edge. And if I’m being completely honest, I just want to run away – far, far away from here. Where exactly, I am not hundred per cent sure but the nomad in […]

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UK Riots

Having spent my formative years on the mean streets of Boston, I am pretty fearless. I will go almost anywhere. Heck, I’ve flown into former eastern bloc countries on my own and have experienced all that these countries have to offer without knowing the local language or people personally. Now after what happened on the streets of Bromley and elsewhere in the city of London last night, not so fearless. The violence, looting and arson are completely senseless and unjustified. And in that the youth (yobs) are getting bolder, it is major cause for concern. Heck, last night in Bromley […]

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London Riots

What I didn’t mention in the Brixton Splash post is that late last night after the festival ended, there was rioting and looting in Brixton. Can’t say I’m all that surprised as there were lots of people drinking in the streets of Brixton when I left. So I’m sure it gave the criminal element in the neighbourhood a reason to come out and mingle amongst the festival goers with a view to causing disturbance late into the evening. Now today there are further skirmishes in Peckham and Lewisham which is getting a bit too close for comfort. Meaning when it […]

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Brixton Splash

I woke up feeling tired yesterday, Sunday. And as it was raining, I planned to just stretch out on the couch for much of the day. However, around eleven, decided to check out Brixton Splash a free community street festival. Now considering the riots in Tottenham, Brixton with its troubled history is probably the last place most people would think to go. However, because it was a family type event in the middle of the afternoon and I knew the police would be out in force, decided to give it a whirl. I really wanted some jerk chicken with rice […]

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Around Bromley: Nature

Another reason for walking what by most standards is an excessive amount in one day on Saturday was the weather. There was talk of rain on Sunday. Heck, it’s one of the reasons why I was home at the weekend. You see I was supposed to be at Britchcombe Farm in Oxfordshire with about 125 other people camping and hiking. But I backed out because of the rain. The reality is that as much I like the great outdoors, I am not interested in camping when it’s wet — especially in England where it’s typically a damp wet that just […]

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