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Watching the FOX NEWS coverage of the war, I feel like I’m watching a football game. The play by play commentary is just so……. Changing subjects — Connie Chung got herself fired again. Why can’t this woman keep a job? And it appears Saddam Hussein has a sense of humor.

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Iraq TV

Is it time for the coalition to bomb Iraq TV? Fred Barnes thinks so. Btw, if it’s going to cost $70billion for a 30 day war in Iraq? What will it cost to stay and maintain the peace for the next 10-15 years?

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Effects-Based Operations

Fascinating article written by Harlan Ullman; one of the authors of the “shock and awe doctrine” or as the British call it: “effects-based operations.” Below in an excerpt: Whether or not this war is won rapidly and with relatively low loss of life to all concerned, the aftermath is what will count. Few can doubt that the coalition will win the war. The peace that follows is less certain. For the US, one conclusion is clear. It knows that once victory in Baghdad is secured, it must win the hearts and minds of ordinary Iraqis. But how to win that […]

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Living in Infamy

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote a noteworthy article this weekend in the Los Angeles Times about America’s decision to go to war in Iraq. We are at war again — not because of enemy attack, as in World War II, nor because of incremental drift, as in the Vietnam War — but because of the deliberate and premeditated choice of our own government. Now that we are embarked on this misadventure, let us hope that our intervention will be swift and decisive, and that victory will come with minimal American, British and civilian Iraqi casualties. But let us continue to […]

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Whose War?

Andrew Sullivan has some interesting thoughts on whose war we are currently fighting. He nominated a few architects: Bush I, United Nations, Clinton, Neoconservatives, Tony Blair and Bush II.

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