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Russian Protestors

With the war coming to an end, trying to figure out why 30,000+ Russians were out in the streets today protesting. Do they not have televisions over there? Do they not see the conflict is coming to an end? I myself was late to work this morning as I sat clued to the television watching the American soldiers in Baghdad. Thankfully the soldiers were able to capture much of the city while keeping the number of civilian deaths low.

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Boycotting French Products

I’m really surprised by the growing number of people who are jumping on the boycott French products bandwagon. In listening to talk radio station WLS 890 this afternoon, heard Bob Brinker, the host of Money Talk indicated that he supports a indefinite boycott of all French products. He goes on to say, “if not for the United States and Great Britain, it’s very possible that France would probably be speaking German now.” That may be true, but does a country not have a right to vote in a way that they deem to be in their best interest, even if […]

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Saddam Hussein’s Video Message

Saddam’s latest TV appearance contained clues that would suggest that he is still alive. Darn!

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Da Mayor

Only in Chicago would the Mayor who was recently re-elected by 78% of the vote be able to close down an airport in the middle of the night without consulting or informing any of the powers that be (ie. the Governor, FAA, etc). The current war in Iraq gave him the political cover needed to justify the closure. I myself don’t like seeing planes flying over the city. So while The Friends of Miegs Field are getting some press, this will all die down in a few weeks/months and the Mayor will really get to build the park he really […]

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Army Brigadier General Vincent Brooks

I want to clone Army Brigadier Gen Vincent Brooks. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been attracted to a man in a military uniform. I even dated one for a while and thought he might have become my future husband. But it was not to be. He’s now a JAG. I have no regrets about the relationship ending because deep down I wasn’t really thrilled about becoming a military wife. As much as he wanted to make me number one, I never was. That did not sit well with me. He was extremely committed to being becoming […]

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