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Gen. Brooks: Why Be Discredited For Achieving Excellence?

I can never get enough of General Brooks. Yeah, I love the fact that he’s tall (6″ 4″) and good looking, but my attraction to him goes beyond the physical. Let’s just say that he is like the brother I always wanted, the father I never had. He has a great career and also appears to be an awesome family man. With that said, below is another article about the General written by George Curry, Editor-In-Chief for The National Newspaper Publishers Association. Curry is the first reporter to be given a one-on-one interview with the General.

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Iraq War Trophies

Finding it difficult to comprehend the actions of some US military personnel and journalist. It appears that a few are trying to leave Iraq with “war trophies.” Now why would they want to bring shame to themselves and the organizations they represent? I say throw the book at these idiots. Excerpt from Newsday article: WASHINGTON — Members of the news media and U.S. soldiers are being investigated for taking art, artifacts, weapons and cash from Iraq, with criminal charges already brought in one case, federal officials said Wednesday. At least 15 paintings, gold-plated firearms, ornamental knives, Iraqi government bonds and […]

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Another Article on Brig. General Brooks

Before I head off to the SPA, just wanted to post link to another article written by reporter for Sacramento Bee about Army Brig. Gen. Vince Brooks. If nothing else, you have to check out link so you can see high school picture of the General. As with a fine wine, he gets looks better with age. I’ve posted a copy of this picture to original post about the General which still continues to get many hits. Excerpt: Brooks comes from a family of generals. He is a one-star general, as is his brother, Gen. Leo Brooks Jr., commandant of […]

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Unwilling ‘Star’

In the last two weeks many people (mostly women) came to my site after I wrote a post about wanting to clone Brigadier General Vincent Brooks. Below is a great story from Newday on America’s new “unwilling star.” Btw, for more great pictures of Brig. Gen. Brooks, click here. Unwilling ‘Star’: Army spokesman adjusts to instant fame. Written by Verne Gay for Newsday April 9, 2003 In this thoroughly modern TV age of videophones, embeds and live coverage through the day and night, a big war can yield big TV stars. And if these stars could be split into two […]

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Who is Brigadier General Vincent Brooks?

Below is another great article written about General Brooks published by Africana. Who is Brigadier General Vincent Brooks? “We are role models to a lot of young people, not just African Americans and soldiers,” Brooks says. “People can see the achievement and how hard work leads to it.” By Tanu T. Henry Delivered with a cool that’s more Hollywood than Pentagon, Brigadier General Vincent Brooks’ daily briefings — telecast worldwide from the US Central Command outpost in Qatar — have brought instant celebrity status to the handsome military spokesman. Tall, confident, witty and articulate, Brooks, 44, distills the coalition’s progress, […]

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