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The Face of the U.S. Military

As some of you may recall, during the early days of the American-led war with Iraq, I developed a serious crush on Brigadier General Vincent Brooks. He was frequently on televsion as he was the spokesperson for the U.S. Army Central Command. Back then, very little was known about him. Now he has his own Wiki page and can’t help steer longingly at his picture. Perhaps its the uniform. He is so distinguished. On a more serious note, there is also a great profile of the General on the HW Wilson Company site.

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Refreshing Honesty From Blair

It is good to see that Prime Minister Blair is starting to be honest about the situation in Iraq. Maybe now that he and President Bush are publicly owning up the reality of the situation over there, something will be done to bring this war to an end. I am not advocating that the US and British military pull out anytime soon, but they need to redefine the mission based on the current state of affairs. Plus they need to do what is necessary to help the Iraq government be more stable and thus accountable for running their own country […]

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Homeless War Veterans

Regardless of where you stand on the Iraq War, there is no justifiable reason for disabled veterans who served their country with honor to be homeless. So shame on the United States government for letting even one veteran fall through the cracks. Goodness! Did we not learn anything from Vietnam? Hmmm. Maybe not! After all, if we did, we wouldn’t be in the middle of such a hot mess. I mean, lets face it, poor decisions in the early days of the war by people like Donald Rumsfeld who have finally being shown the door has turned the early victory […]

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The Fallen

I am currently listening to Ted Koppel read the names of the 737 American soldiers who have died in Iraq. I am overcome with emotion. They are all so young. Heck, quite a few weren’t even old enough to have a drink. I feel for their families.

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Whatever happened to General Brooks Go?

The war in Iraq is still front and center. I only wish that Army Brigadier General Vincent Brooks was too.

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