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Prime Ministers & Chains

Yesterday was a momentous day in British politics and I blogged about the iPhone. It wasn’t because I’m not interested in the pomp and circumstances surrounding Tony Blair handing over power to Gordon Brown. I am in fact extremely fascinated by the British parliamentary system of government. Why? Well Tony Blair was elected by the people to serve a 3rd term and the party basically told him to bugger off so they can make way for a new leader, Gordon Brown who has not been elected to national office. This is a somewhat dangerous strategy as the government under Tony […]

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Counting Down The Days

Since my offer on the house (in Bromley, Kent) was accepted, I don’t know what to do with myself in the evenings. The obvious thing would be to start being social again but can’t bring myself to do this as being social requires that you spend money and I’m watching my expenditures. Particularly as once I pay the 10% deposit as well as other assorted fees my bank balance will be the lowest it’s been in years. This worries me a bit, but I know I’ll manage. I don’t have credit card debts, so in time I’ll build up my […]

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Offer Accepted

I saw a house on Saturday that I really liked so I put in an offer. It was accepted today. Yeah me! Now the real work begins to make sure that we exchange in a timely manner. I can’t wait to have my own place again. The people that I’m staying with are really nice, but I miss having a home of my own. Hopefully we can exchange before my birthday in August.

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The End

Airport Guy isn’t going to make the cut. Disappointed, but hey — c’est la vie! Truth be told I’m too distracted by the flat/house search to be really focus on my heartache. As for the house search, well let’s just say I’ve continued to go on viewings, but nothing has moved me yet to make another offer. I’m sure some would say I’m being really picky but in that this will be the largest purchase I’ve made so far in my life, it needs to be just right. That said, I’m optimistic that I’ll have something in place by the […]

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Be Warned

Anyone who rents this property on Worple Road in Wimbledon is liable to face a simliar situation as I did in March. In the last year I lived in the property, the mortage company sent at least 4 letters indicating that they were contemplating taking repossession of the property as mortage payments were outstanding. Thus, I am baffled as to why Foxton’s would knowingly agree to continue managing this property. Like me, they need to just walk away. Sure its a great property in a fantastic location, but the hassle of dealing with a deadbeat owner is just not worth […]

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